Randall Bush

I’m passionate about wine because wine is unique. It can reach sensory, imaginative, and intellectual heights–and is thus capable of putting our head in the clouds. But as an agricultural product made by human hands and designed for sharing with others at the table, it is also firmly tied to the ground and to daily life. Wine contains both of these elements, and to me the excitement of working with a wine is in keeping both of these elements in play at once.

At its best, an authentic wine has many stories to tell: it has good taste and distinction, thus a cultural status; it has a lineage and a set of origin stories, thus a history; and it has the rare power to catch our imagination and to remind us of where we are and who we’re with at a given moment. An authentic wine thus has an incredible capacity to bring people together–a real humanity. In the same way, the people with whom we work—producers, restaurateurs, retailers—have a real and authentic passion for their work and for serving their customers. I’m excited to bring together my passions for authentic wine, authentic food, and authentic people working with Rootstock, and to tell the stories of our wines.