Jenna Ward

Mike Anderson

Mike serves as the Director of Administration at Rootstock Wine Company. With over a decade of experience in management, administration, and customer service, he plays a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and technological integration within the company.


Outside of the office, Mike’s interests are diverse and dynamic. A lifelong Star Trek fan, he has a passion for exploration and discovery that extends beyond the screen. His love for aviation reflects his fascination with complex systems and intricate operations, much like the many moving parts of a successful business. Mike’s culinary skills span a wide array of cuisines, which speaks to his appreciation for diversity and experimentation. Just as he enjoys the thrill of spontaneous road trips, he thrives on the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities that come with his role.


Mike’s dedication to his work at Rootstock Wine Company is a testament to his commitment to the wine industry. His efforts are instrumental in ensuring the seamless import and distribution of unique wines from across the globe.

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