James Pfitzinger

Account Manager
James’ journey to wine began in the restaurant industry, working every Front of House job that you can think of. After years of trying to figure out what the next step in his career was, he had an “A-Ha” moment, realizing that wine was the path he was looking for all along. Marrying his background in journalism and love of storytelling with the passion he had for the service industry, he jumped head first into the world of wine. He is now Level 2 certified in WSET with plans on one day getting his Diploma, and is thrilled to be a part of an incredible team at Rootstock that encourages and pushes himself in the discovery of new regions and wines he’s never experienced before.

In his free time he loves discovering new music, spending time with his wife and his dog, Murphy (who is half Beagle, half Husky, and 100% energy) and playing video games with his friends.