John Blaylock

Account Manager – East Metro

Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin I helped raise crops for our livestock and the horses that I loved. There, the closest thing to a vineyard were the rows of sweetcorn in our garden.

Wine became essential to my life on a journey to find my eldest brother for the first time since he emigrated to Perth, Australia 20 years prior. We visited wineries in the Swan River Valley and shared bottles of his favorite Aussie reds. It was life changing and bonded the wine experience to my love of fields, family, and friends.

Over the years since, my life partner Karen and I have visited wine regions on every continent, save Antarctica for some reason, while following our joint passions for wine, food, and travel.

Since 2008 I’ve worked in locally owned wine shops in the North Loop and in Northeast Minneapolis where we live with Riesling, our dog. Learning wine and sharing it with new people – this is what I love about working retail and representing Rootstock.