About Us

Rootstock Wine Company is a team of passionate wine lovers. We curate a collection of wines chosen  carefully for their balance, typicity, and overall quality. Rootstock’s elite sales staff provides exceptional  service to a select group of  customers who likewise believe that wine is an integral part of a life lived well. Rootstock’s ethos comes from the European classical tradition of “wine-growing” as opposed to “wine-making”: an organic process, rather than a manipulative one. The name Rootstock invokes this idea. The rooted part of the vine connects directly with the essential minerals, nutrients, and water that give life to the vine, just as our team is rooted to the core belief that a wine must speak of some place, some piece of land, and that place is precisely where those particular grapes give greatest expression to their  potential. The winegrower thus tends to the vineyard, harvests the fruits of his or her labor, and in the cellar, keeps things clean and gets out of the way, intervening as little as possible in order to find a true expression of terroir.